The Battle For America’s Soul: 5 Considerations

Most students of American history, and politics, are having, some degree of difficulty, witnessing what, this nation, seems to be, currently undergoing! This goes far beyond, mere, politics, but, rather, appears to be, a constant battle, for the essential soul of America, and what the country represents, and how, significant, our freedoms, are, to that factor. We have been witnessing, what seems to be, a concerted, constant effort, to make changes, not necessarily, in the best interests of the nation, or its citizens, but, rather, to widen the gap, between the elite, and the rest of society. No previous President, in recent memory, either resorted to the level of rhetoric, vitriol, or negativity, Donald Trump has, or, consistently, lied, as often, as the present occupant, of the highest office, in our land! This article will, therefore, attempt, to briefly review, examine, and discuss, 5 key considerations.

1. Freedoms: What does America represent, if, any of our taken – for – granted, freedoms, is overlooked, or diminished? President Trump’s repeated attacks on the press and media, except those who seem to be blindly, obedient, threaten one of our basic freedoms! His personal attacks, and negative statements, about certain ethnicities, etc, diminish our soul and personality! When he insists on communicating, every morning, with, often – inflammatory, Twitter posts, calls anything he disagrees with, Fake News, and, changes his message, constantly, America generally suffers.2. Priorities: Shouldn’t the goal of any President’s actions, focus on the needs, concerns and priorities, of the citizens? The priority must never be, merely about, Trump’s perceptions of winning (and his fixation, about doing so), but, rather, should be, about the best interests of these individuals. Change, for change – sake, doesn’t accomplish, what’s needed, and necessary, because blaming and complaining, is not the answer! Any legislation, whether regarding health care/ medical insurance, or tax reform, must focus on needs, and quality, rather than self – interest or any personal agenda, or, especially, having to win!3. Cooperative, versus adversarial: Freedom is based on various individuals, coming together, for the common good, emphasizing cooperation, rather than polarization, and/ or an adversarial relationship! Trump’s constant avoidance of personal responsibility, and resorting to blaming and complaining, threatens many of our beloved freedoms!4. Common good, versus special interests: Examining, just the recent, so – called, tax reform legislation proposals, clearly indicates, it is, far more, motivated by political considerations, and pleasing certain special interests, and large donors, than by proper, policy decisions! Shouldn’t this effort, have been focused on serving the common good, rather than producing a form of, Welfare for the wealthiest?

5. Vision for future: Appointing individuals, who, instead of representing specific aspects, and making them, better, and/ or more effective/ efficient, seems to be focused on destroying/ diminishing their impact, has the potential, of hurting future generations, in many areas, including environmental, educational, and civil rights, areas!We are experiencing an essential battle, for the very, soul, of our nation! Wake up, America, and protect your freedoms, or we will end up, unable to recognize our nation!